Here to There ("City" and "Jungle") is the first pair in a series of experimental posters for children that combine science, nature, algorithm and design, to feed their imagination and curiosity.

We developed a suite of software tools using openFrameworks to programmatically build elements based around concepts like algorithm, permutation, cause and effect, and topology to name a few. These elements are the building blocks for the different worlds and become a part of the stories being told. The programmatic designed elements are mixed with hand illustrated forms and quirky creatures to create a bizarre hybrid world that talks to both hemispheres of the brain. Some of the programmed elements are quite obvious but others like extracted elevation data from a Hawaiian volcano and craters from the surface of the Moon are much more subtle. We even have the waveform of our voice as a part of the landscape.

Here To There is featured in the computational design and architecture book: Form+Code by Casey Reas, published in 2010.