John Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes in an interactive Album App that tells the story of John Lennon’s life changing journey, sailing through a mid-Atlantic storm to Bermuda in June 1980. 

The Bermuda Tapes allows users to literally sail to Bermuda, seeing the journey and the creative re-discovery that it triggered through Lennon’s eyes and hearing the very early demo recordings he made while in Bermuda.  The app album allows users to explore the very intimate artistic and collaborative process Lennon had with Yoko Ono, working with the early songs and finally leading to the release of his final recording,  Double Fantasy: A Heart Play.

The Bermuda Tapes comprises of six chapters of interactive and immersive storytelling and is narrated by John Lennon, Yoko Ono, The B52s, the ship’s captain and the crew among others.  Through the screen of an iPad or iPhone you are able to interact with the narrative, moving, swiping and tilting, to bring to life the immersive environments and images of the story. 


The Bermuda Tapes was directed by Michael Epstein & Mark Thompson, with interactive design,  creative direction and production in collaboration between Design I/O and the strategic design agency eyeball.  

All proceeds from the App go to the WhyHunger charity, which is dedicated to ending hunger and poverty, world wide. 


Communications Arts 2015 Interactive Annual Winner

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam: DocLab Competition Finalist

Time Warner’s Future of Story Telling Prize Finalist, Sonar+D Official Selection.